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Looking for some amazing insulation in a sports water bottle?

Disclaimer: The below stories will sound amazing, but they are true, shared by Team Lazer members about their experiences with the products.

The BEST insulated water bottle we’ve found at LazerDesigns is the Thermos Backpack Bottle. Rebekah found that it kept her tea hot for 8+ hours!backpack bottle

Susan said she took the Backpack Bottle home filled with ice water in the thermos insulated bottleevening, but forgot it and left it in the car. The NEXT day, at 3pm, she remembered it. The temperature that day was around 90 degrees outside the car. It still had ice cubes, about 20 hours later, through the heat of day!

Rebekah and Susan both offer the caution: Don’t put hot tea in it and leave the lid on and expect it to cool down enough to drink – you’ve got to open the lid to let it cool off.

thermos hydration bottle

On Saturday morning, as she was leaving home for an overnight camping trip, Paula filled the Thermos Hydration Bottle with cold tap water (no ice).  The bottle sat in the car overnight, with afternoon temps in the 80s.  The next day, the water inside was still cool and refreshing.

thermos bottleAlso amazing for its insulating properties, the Stainless Steel Thermos, 24oz. Paula’s husband made some hot tea and left home mid-morning to go camping by Longs Peak. He didn’t drink it that day, but left it in the car. After camping at Chasm Lake, with below freezing temperatures, the herbal tea was still piping hot!

This information beats the manufacturers’ ratings, although we can’t guarantee you will experience exactly the same results in our usage, we did!

Pick a great logo or message you want lasered onto them, or your corporate logo and gift them to your employees! They’ll be enjoying refreshing drinks for years!

We all want to make Father’s Day special with a great gift for Dad. I tend to give my Dad the latest and greatest flashlight by now. (Can you ever have enough flashlights though, really?)

Here are a few ideas to help break you out of the box!

Does your Dad like to sleep? If he likes music too, consider the Sound Asleep Pillows with built-in speakers designed to lull one into peaceful bliss. pillow with speaker
personalized bar b que set For Grill Masters, this personalized BBQ set with GOOD SIZE tools (take it from a grill master wannabe) is a great gift – the spatula features serrations, the knife is long enough to cut stuff without singing off your arm hairs and the tongs, well, they are not for amateurs.
If 40% of people “abuse” the snooze button, this alarm clock on wheels will change some habits. You must hunt for it – it will jump off the nightstand and run away if you don’t get out of bed. Cool, or annoying, I haven’t decided yet.
Get your Super Dad the stainless travel mug he deserves! The Super Dad badge will be proudly display for all to see. You can even add personalization for extra credit on great gifting!
Last but not least, the newest and coolest flashlight award goes to Maglite for their XL100 – featuring super bright LED lights, and smart programming. Twist your wrist, the light goes dim. Twist it the other direction, it gets brighter. Dad, I guess you know what you are getting. Happy Fathers Day!

Do you have any ideas Fathers Day gift ideas? Post them in the Comments section below.